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Juelsminde – protection of terraced house by the harbour

In Juelsminde lie pretty terraced houses close to the fine harbour. But they are at risk of being flooded.

Here FloodFrame has been installed on the front and back side of one of the middle terraced houses. FloodFrame has been installed ending in the horizontal boxes placed in each outer wall that faces the garden and the harbor. FloodFrame is settled in the terrace, which is both in the front and in the back of the house.

Hagenæs – “half” a solution

By Hagenæs Jyllinge lies a beautiful house right by the water overlooking Roskilde Fjord. The house is on a steep slope and despite it being above the beach by a few metres, it was flooded by the storm flood “Bodil” in 2013. The owner of the house has chosen a...

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