What does FloodFrame cost?

No two houses are alike and FloodFrame safeguards all houses.

We customise FloodFrame to your house, adapting it to the specific size, layout, and other relevant features such as terraces and stairs.

Some features on the property may require modifications e.g. moving a bush, or reinforcing a fence. Our assessment takes all of this into account and is included in our final offer.

A FloodFrame solution starts at 295 Euro per metre (excl. VAT). The final price depends on the complexity of the house and surrounding property.

We have provided three sample houses below with an approximate price for each. All prices include custom design and installation.

Stormflodssikring af lille hus

Simple house with a standard FloodFrame solution

– 60m2 in floor plan.
– 37 metres around the house.

10,860 Euro (excl. VAT)

Stormflodssikring af mellem hus

Regular house with a standard FloodFrame solution

– 110 m2 in floor plan.
– 60 meters around the house.

17,695 Euro (excl. VAT)

Stormflodssikring af stort hus

Complex house

FloodFrame integrated with terraces and driveways.
– 150 m2 in floor plan.
– 60 metres around the house.

24,800 Euro (excl. VAT)