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What is FloodFrame?

FloodFrame is an effective, discrete and affordable Property Flood Resilience (PFR) solution.

FloodFrame – how it works

FloodFrame is installed around the house or other building/asset, providing a hidden permanent flood resistance barrier. It activates automatically when the water level rises. FloodFrame does not require electricity and will activate as needed in case of flooding, even if no one is home.

FloodFrame consists of a heavy-duty waterproof cloth, customised to your house’s specifications. It is neatly stowed and concealed in a container, buried around the perimeter of your home, about 1 metre from the building itself.

If the flood waters rise and risk encroaching on your home, the mechanism automatically activates, releasing the cloth from its container. As the water level rises, its pressure causes the cloth to unfurl towards and up around the walls of your house. As FloodFrame is a tailor-made solution, we can ensure it automatically protects your home to the desired level, relative to flood risk in your area. It has an automatic release function when flood waters are detected, but FloodFrame can also be activated manually, should you wish to do so.

The heavy-duty cloth prevents the water from entering your house. The storage container buried around the perimeter, helps prevent the water from seeping into the house’s foundations.

After the cloth has been used during a flood, it is either rolled back or replaced, as needed.

The service-subscription includes an annual check up, so you can rest assured that everything is in optimal working order.

Hus som får sikring mod oversvømmelse ved brug af FloodFrame

Why FloodFrame?

Choose FloodFrame to protect your house against flooding.

Effective protection

  • FloodFrame effectively protects your whole house – also the foundations.
  • Customised solution ensures your house is protected no matter how high the water rises.
  • FloodFrame is in the process of certification with the PFR code of practice and product standard.


  • FloodFrame does not mar your garden or surroundings thanks to its hidden features. FloodFrame is undetectable and out of the way when not in use.
  • FloodFrame is a sensitive solution to be used with historic buildings or structures. 

Simple to use and low-cost operation

  • FloodFrame is a simple and thorough system, using the forces of nature for automatic activation. This makes FloodFrame the simplest solution available.
  • No daily operating costs for There is no need for electricity, chemicals or operating specialists. The only cost is the annual subscription fee.

Quick and easy

  • FloodFrame is normally ready for use two weeks after we have inspected and measured your house. You can sit back and relax – we take care of the whole installation.

Customised for your house

  • No two houses are alike. That is why we tailor FloodFrame to your house and your garden. The customised and precise design ensures that FloodFrame protects your house optimally.

Environmentally friendly

  • FloodFrame does not require electricity, any other kind of energy sources, nor any chemicals. All materials used in FloodFrame are environmentally certified.

Patent pending

  • FloodFrame has been developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and the Danish Hydraulic Institute. The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark has supported its development.
  • FloodFrame is patent pending. When you protect your house with FloodFrame, you are guaranteed that you have invested in an original high-quality product.