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Kisserup – protection against flooding along fjords

By Tuse Næs facing Isefjorden lies Kisserup Beach. Kisserup Beach is a popular summer house area surrounded by beautiful nature and the sea. Kisserup Beach was flooded by the storm “Bodil” in 2014.

A summer house on a big lot right by the fjord was also flooded in 2017 and the family decided to have the house protected against new floodings.

Here FloodFrame has been installed along the already established stone edge surrounding the house.

Hagenæs – “half” a solution

By Hagenæs Jyllinge lies a beautiful house right by the water overlooking Roskilde Fjord. The house is on a steep slope and despite it being above the beach by a few metres, it was flooded by the storm flood “Bodil” in 2013. The owner of the house has chosen a...

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