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Sondrup – protection against flooding along fjords

Sondrup lies on the northern coast of  Horsens Fjord in eastern Denmark. It is a beautiful area with rolling hills leading down to the water’s edge. Horsens Fjord is, similar to other fjords in the region, subject to high water levels, when northerly winds force the waters down through the Kattegat.

We installed FloodFrame for a small cottage – 37m2 – which lies only 10 metres from the water. The house serves as the family guest house and as focal point for recreational activities as kayaking, saunas and morning swims in the fjord.

The house has come close to flooding several times. The family had considered building a flood-wall for protection. However, such a wall would ruin the waterfront view from the house. With FloodFrame, the house is now protected and the fine view of nature is undisturbed.

FloodFrame has been installed in the terrace and can be unfolded as a wall, so that the innermost part of the terrace is protected. FloodFrame is adjusted to the naturally sloping terrain.

Hagenæs – “half” a solution

By Hagenæs Jyllinge lies a beautiful house right by the water overlooking Roskilde Fjord. The house is on a steep slope and despite it being above the beach by a few metres, it was flooded by the storm flood “Bodil” in 2013. The owner of the house has chosen a...

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